Europe-India IP Facilitation Forum

EBTC’s Europe-India Intellectual Property (IP) Facilitation Forum has been constituted to promote the use of patents and patent information, improving access to the respective patent systems, building capacity in the use of patent information, and fostering innovation. This is in line with EBTC’s mandate of enhancing Indo-European technology collaborations.


Fast-paced technology development, a more and more globalised economy as well as the high demand for innovative products require organisations to create product and services strategies that take into the account the significant role of IPR. Especially SMEs face a greater risk of losing on investment made in technology innovation due to dynamically changing technological requirements. Further, IPR plays a crucial role in the transfer of technology. What is more, the creation and/ or positioning of a brand in India needs to be strategically planned and constituted by also considering opportunities and limitations by Trademarks, Copyrights, and GI. 

Despite of progressive measures by the Government of India, the Indian IP ecosystem still lacks transparency as well as efficiency, creating a barrier for market access. Only by having access to essential knowledge and best practices with regards to the IP ecosystem in India, along with customized services by experts, can the prevailing business potential be harnessed by SMEs. 

As a part of its mandate, and in furtherance of its objectives, EBTC has formed an Europe-India IP Facilitation Forum to contribute to an efficient IP ecosystem that encourages innovation and a conducive business environment. The co-creation of a body of knowledge in this space with selected experts and leading IPR firms is underpinning the Forum and its positioning in the ecosystem of Europe India collaboration.

For more information or any inquiries, please get in touch with Mr. Sachin Arora, Head IPR (

Furthermore, sixty percent of the top ten foreign patent applicants are from Europe – the largest group coming from Germany with 2965 applications in 2015-16. In the last ten years, number of patent applications in India almost doubled. Referring to the figures of 2015-16, it becomes evident that around 72 per cent of all applications are filed by foreign companies.  (Source: Annual Reports of the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks)

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