IPR Helpdesk at EBTC

Welcome to EBTC's Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Helpdesk, launched with the objective of facilitating technology commercialization,
as well as the management of IPR issues related to India.

The desk will provide information about IPR laws in India and recent amendments/judgments in IPR cases as well as their implications
for European organizations
. Webinars will be conducted by the desk to raise awareness about Indian IPR laws, whilst patent technology landscapes for India will provide preliminary information on the direction of particular technology in India which will help European organizations understand the opportunity and avenues to enter India from a technology perspective. The desk will also voice IPR policy concerns of
European SME's to the Indian Government.

Value added services include:

IP Filing Support Services:

  • IPR filing in India for European SME's
  • Prosecution support for patents/copyrights/trademarks

IP Enforcement Services through Empanelled Agencies:

  • Identify suitable enforcement agencies for following up IPR violation
  • Investigate IPR violation on behalf of the client

Technical IP Services:

  • Prior art searches
  • Technology landscapes/patent landscapes
  • Freedom to operate searches
  • Patentability searches
  • Validity searches
  • IP due diligence
  • IP commercialization studies
  • Patent portfolio evaluation services

*These IP services will be provided on cost plus basis. The cost of these services will be highly competitive so that SME's can utilize these services.

** EBTC is a technology facilitation centre and does not provide legal services or opinion to its clients. However, it facilitates these services through empanelled legal service providers. EBTC does overlook that the empanelled legal service provider for the quality of services being provided to the
EBTC clients.

Contact the helpdesk: ipr@ebtc.eu